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Pupuk Perkebunan dan Pertanian l Mesin Pembuat Kompos l Pupuk Organik - www.kencanaonline.com
Pupuk Perkebunan dan Pertanian l Mesin Pembuat Kompos l Pupuk Organik - www.kencanaonline.com

Pemupukan Tanaman Karet ( Hevea brasiliensis)

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Quantity:20 kg per karton [ D/W K 200 ( 360x355x263 ) mm]
Pack. & Delivery:Inner Packing PE 1 mm @ 5 kg

Fertilizer tablets Gramalet ® Rubber is a complete compound fertilizer tablets ( PMLT) - the content and nutritional composition of NPK, micro MgSCa formulated and manufactured specifically for rubber plants ( Hevea brasiliensis) . 10 gram fertilizer tablet form is very helpful for farmer customers get a variety of nutrients needed rubber plant fertilizer once in each tablet. With full content covering the primary macro nutrients ( N, P, K) , secondary nutrient ( Mg, S, Ca) and micro essential nutrient ( Fe, B, Bo, Mn, Zn, Cl) , the fertilizer tablet Gramalet ® Rubber presented in tablets 10 gr, diameter 24 mm with a thickness of 15 mm tablet, registered with the Ministry of Agriculture of the Republic of Indonesia ( RI) No: T905/ BSP/ II/ 2003.
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Fertilization Gramalet ® Rubber done once per 6 months or 2 times per year and time of fertilization or at the beginning and end of the rainy season. For example, rubber plants ( TH 4) as recommended by the Center for a dose-related, to achieve the ideal productivity of 1000 kg resin / ha / year, is 478 kg Urea, 620 kg SP36 and 238 KCl / Mop or the total amount of kg dose of 1336 kg / ha / yr, equivalent to only require 250-400 kg of fertilizer Gramalet ® Rubber / ha / yr, or if the population of the rubber plant 500 trees per ha, the dose / tree together with 800 g / tree / year.
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Fertilizer given ditugal encircle the stem with a distance of 100-125 cm from the main stem, holes or trenches that have been buried inside closed fertilizer with the soil. Rubber plant fertilization age 10-20 years is necessary in order to increase production. Besides weeding fertilizing is also necessary to avoid lest there is competition with weeds rubber plants to avoid competition occurs in the absorption of nutrients.
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Fertilizing with a tablet has advantages include:

- Loss of nutrients from fertilizers that occur through leaching and erosion processes can

- The element soluble fertilizer in the soil with slow release process ( slow release) so effectively and efficiently can be absorbed by plants,

- Fertilizer application easier, save energy and cost of fertilizer tablet with a specific formula used in a way to immerse / ditugal into the soil around plants with a total accordance with the doses required for a certain period
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Complete Compound Fertilizer Tablet ( PMLT) Gramalet using specifications 22-7-11-2-4-5 Formula 1 ( Micro) with packaging as follows:

a) packaging in the ( inner packing) : Plastic PE 0, 8-1, waterproof packaging and air, the capacity of 5 kg ( gross weight)

b) The outer packaging ( outer packing) made out of cardboard D / W: a) Size: ( 360 x 355 x 263) mm b) Type of cardboard: K 200 / 150 / K200, c) Capacity: 20 Kg.

With these specifications ensure packaging as transportation, storage and handling of transportation to the garden or between regions, including the handling at the port becomes more secure, inexpensive and easy.

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